​​Information Communicat​ion Learning Technologies (ICLT)

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority is currently developing the draft Technologies Curriculum to be used across Australia.  It is expected that the Technologies curriculum will be officially published and begin to be implemented in ​​schools during 2014.   This curriculum will contain two distinct subject areas which are:

  • Design and Technologies

  • Digital Technologies. 

The curriculum will provide opportunities for students to develop practical skills and use a variety of technologies to create solutions t​hat meet their current and future needs.  To discover more about the Draft Australian Curriculum: Technologies please click the following link: Draft Technologies Curriculum

​ What does Information Communication Learning Technologies look like at Saint Francis Xavier School Goodna?

St Francis Xavier School has recently made a significant investment in technology resources within the school. 

An e-Learning co-ordinator was appointed in 2013 who is responsible for technology support and staff professional development. Opportunities are provided for staff to engage in professional development in a variety of emerging technology areas. 

Some of the te​​chnology currently in use includes:

  • Interactive White Boards within all classrooms.

  • Classroom desktop computers.

  • Year level laptop banks (e-Boxes) for student use within the classroom.

  • Desktop computer bank within the library.

  •  iPads for use within prep classrooms.

  •  Learning support laptop computers and iPads.

  •  Digital cameras and digital video cameras.

  • Teacher laptops and colour photocopiers.

  • Online home reading program used in lower primary.

  •  Audio visual resources for use within the hall for school events (assemblies, presentations)

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