Federal Funding

​Last week the Federal Government has released some figures outlining its funding allocation for schools in 2018 and beyond.

Next year, Brisbane Catholic Education schools will receive a federal funding increase of around 3.7%. We thank the Federal Government for this support and for its commitment to continue to provide fair and equitable funding over the next decade.

However, please be aware that the dollar figures for each school’s funding, listed on the government’s Quality Schools website, are not an accurate reflection of the money actually received by each school. This is because – as the site itself notes - the amounts listed do not take into account the impact of the Catholic Education system’s “group funding” arrangements. (Under this system, all federal funding for Catholic schools is pooled together, and then redistributed according to a needs-based formula which reflect locally-identified areas of need.)

Thus, the raw federal funding figures listed on the website are not reflective of the actual amounts received by each Catholic school, now or in the future. Some schools will receive more than the figures listed; others will receive less.

Additionally, the figures have been generated using projections and assumptions which the Government has not fully disclosed to us. The projections must therefore be viewed with caution.

We are still awaiting further information from the government about its projections (and the economic assumptions which underlie them) for the ten year period ending in 2027. We will provide more information on this when it becomes available.

Information about actual funding received by schools from all sources (including state government funding and school fees) is available on the My School website.

We continue to stress our belief in a fair, transparent and needs-based model for school funding and welcome the Federal Government’s commitment to such a system.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.​​​