Review of the Australian Curriculum

​​​According to the Australian Government's StudentsFirst website all Australian students deserve access to a world-class curriculum that encourages diversity and which allows schools flexibility over how it is taught.

The Australian Government established the Review of the Australian Curriculum in January 2014. The review evaluated the robustness, independence and balance of the process and development of the Australian Curriculum. It also sought to understand whether the Australian Curriculum is delivering what students need, parents expect and the nation requires in an increasingly competitive world.

The Review of the Australian Curriculum was informed by consultation and research to ensure that a broad range of views on the curriculum were heard. These included stakeholder consultations, international and national research evidence and evaluation of Australian Curriculum learning area documentation by subject matter specialists. Members of the public also had a chance to have their say through an online submission process running from 28 February to 14 March 2014. Submissions are now available to read online.

The Review of the Australian Curriculum Final Report was released in October 2014.

In their report, the reviewers have highlighted a number of key areas they feel should be addressed to strengthen the Australian Curriculum.

The Review’s Final Report and its recommendations will now be considered by all Australian education ministers.