​​St Francis Xavier staff

There is an effective and committed staff at St Francis Xavier School who strive to provide equality and excellence in education for all the students.
The administration team includes: Ms Veronica Lawson, Principal; Ms Carolyn Hayes Assistant to the Principal Administration and Mrs Natalie Tugliach, Assistant to the Principal, Religious Education. Other specialist staff include:
Sr Anne Keim, Pastoral Care Worker and Mrs Angela Bromfield, Guidance Counsellor.
There are 20 classroom teachers:
Year 6​ Mrs Marie Parker, Mr Gavin Wynn
​Year 5Ms Courtney Hill, Ms Nadine Pyke, Mr Craig Sologinkin
​Year 4Mr Liam Bromilow, Ms Rebecca Dittman, Ms Kerryn Johns
​Year 3​Mrs Maree Fazackerley, Mrs Leanne Muller, Mrs Brenda Reynolds,
​Year 2Mrs Tracey Foxon, Mr Michael Harding, Mrs Elyse Scott,
​Year 1Miss Emma Cassidy,Miss Katrina Kokoris,​ Miss Natalie Vickers
​PrepMrs Catherine Becei, Ms Anita Norynberg, Mrs Julia Richardson
These teachers are supported by:
​Support Teacher Inclusive Education: ​Mrs Barbara Reid, Ms Kaylene Forrester
​Speech Pathologist​Mr Mitchell Buckley
​eLearning Coordinator​Mr Michael Harding
​Indigenous Support teacherMrs Natalie Howes
​Literacy Support teacher (ELF)​Mrs Genevieve Machin
​Curriculum Support teacher (part time): Ms Carolyn Hayes
​English as a Second Language teacher: ​Mrs Joanna Paul
​Music teacher: ​Mrs Susan Vassella
​Physical Education teacher:​Mr Michael Thomson
​Teacher Librarian: ​Mrs Bernadette Hunt
The classroom teachers are assisted by school officers

Mrs Joan Cansdale, Mrs Christine Skippington, Mrs Carmel Thomas, Mrs Anthea Welter, Mrs Blanche Campbell, Ms Alejandra Diaz and Ms Rose Baxter. Prep School Officers are Mrs Carolyn Solomon, Mrs Fiona Greenall and Mrs Kerry Bostock. Library Aide is Mrs Debbie Kenny. Sr Maria Vu is our bilingual assistant.  Network First are our IT technicians.

 Mrs Monica Hayes, Mrs Maria Peters and Mrs Sonya Oudyn
Cleaners and Groundsman at St Francis Xavier School are Mrs Shelley Conway, Mr Ricardo Cabrera and Mr Ron Schwarten.