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Extra Curricular Activities Term One

​​​Media Arts Extension - Artists in Residence 
Weekday and Time: Thursdays 8am - 8.25am 
Venue: Technology Room 
Description of activity: ​​​Selected students from years 4-6 will participate in a media arts extension program offering skills and techniques in a variety of technologies which will build on their understanding and use of time, space, sound, movement and lighting. Their work may be featured on assemblies. All material is supplied. Parents enrol through a Parent Slip or email to express interest for their child/ren to participate. There is no cost involved in this activity. The teacher in charge is Mrs Sue Vassella. ​

Weekday and time: Wednesday 10.45 - 11am 
Venue : ​​​Technology Room 
Description of the music activity Cartooning is an extracurricular, visual arts activity for students in years 4 - 6 and will run for a term. Equipment is provided. Staff involved are Mrs Baxter and Mrs Bopf.

Guitar Club 
Weekday and time: Wednesday 8am during term. This is a whole year activity 
Venue: Music Room ​
Description of the music activity: ​The guitar club is open to any interested student from yr 1-6. The club is not formal lessons, rather an opportunity for students to learn some skills and play together. They may perform on school assembly once a term. Staff involved are Mrs Thompson ,Mrs Morrow and Mrs Vassella.

Drama Club 
Weekday and Time: Mondays at 11am 
Venue: Drama Room
Description of Activity:  Students from yr 1-3 are involved in learning drama skills and games. Teacher in charge is Mrs Goodreid.