Assessment and Reporting

Assessing student learning is an integral part of the school classroom. It improves learning and informs teaching. It is the process through which teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning in order to improve, enhance and plan for furth​​er learning (BCE Portal).​

Australian Curric​​ulum

Teachers use the Achievement Standards from the Australian Curriculum to make judgements about student work. The Achievement Sta​ndards:

  • provide an expectation of the quality of learning students should typically demonstrate at a particular point in their schooling.
  • emphasise the depth of conceptual understanding, the sophistication of skills and the ability to apply knowledge expected of students
  • comprise a written description and illustrative student work samples.
  • support formative and summative assessment practices.
  • provide a basis for consistency of assessment and reporting (Shape of the Australian Curriculum v 2.0, 2010, 77)

In Religious Education, teachers use the Brisbane Catholic Education Religious Education Curriculum to teach and make judgements about student work.

Teachers use a variety of assessment tasks to gather information about student progress.

School Rep​​orting

A report card is available each semester. Parents are invited to meet with the class teacher twice a year in semester 1 and semester 2 regarding their child's progress. Parents are very welcome to consult with their child’s teacher at other times.

Government Regu​​lated Reporting

Government regulated reporting comprises summative assessment in specific key learning areas. This means that it is an overall judgment of achievement for your child, based on government expectations for each key learning area. The five point scale is based on an especially high level of expected achievement.

You can ask the school to provide you with information that clearly shows your child’s achievement in the subjects studied in comparison to that of other children in the child’s peer group at the school. This information will show you the number of students in each of the achievement levels.