The Arts

​The Arts curriculum is driven by the philosophy “Engage, Inspire and Enrich”. It is designed to create and communicate the unique language and literacies of Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts; with a balanced and subst​antial foundation in the knowledge and skills of each. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding through the principles of Making and Responding.

The Arts are an essential element of education, and the future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.

arts1.jpg​At St Francis Xavier we aim to follow the current ACARA-Arts Curriculum descriptors:

  • creativity, critical thinking, aesthetic knowledge and understanding about arts practices, through making and responding to artworks with increasing self-confidence

  • arts knowledge and skills to communicate ideas; they value and share their arts and life experiences by representing, expressing and communicating ideas, imagination and observations about their individual and collective worlds to others in meaningful ways

  • use of innovative arts practices with available and emerging technologies, to express and represent ideas, while displaying empathy for multiple viewpoints

  • understanding of Australia’s histories and traditions through the Arts, engaging with the artworks and practices, both traditional and contemporary, of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

  • understanding of local, regional and global cultures, and their Arts histories and traditions, through engaging with the worlds of artists, artworks, audiences and arts professions.

At St Francis Xavier students are actively involved in participation in each of the Arts.  In Dance students improvise, choreograph and perform with a growing awareness of space, time, dynamics and relationships.  In Drama students take on roles and create situations shaped by elements such as focus, voice, movement, body language and stage presence. In Media Arts the students design and producing art through print, audio and digital technologies. In Music students create their own compositions, perform, and develop aural skills.  In Visual Art students learn and apply techniques and processes to create art works which communicates.  In all of the strands students are appreciating, viewing and evaluating their own works and that of others.arts2.jpg

To embed the curriculum SFX has a number of extra- curricular performance groups. Students can participate in junior and senior choirs; guitar club; dance troupe and cultural   performances.  Students can perform at Catholic Schools Choral Festival, School Carnival, Art Show and community events. Student concerts are run throughout the year to encourage performance and view the arts, and the whole school enthusiastically participates in the end of year concert. 

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