Anti-Bullying Program

​​​Our Anti-Bullying Program is educational, proactive and reactive. Specific procedures are in place to deal with reported bullying. The National Safe Schools Framework, initiated by the Federal Government, mandates that all Australian schools be safe and supportive environments. In keeping with the National Safe Schools Framework and the school motto of Kids Who Care, our anti-bullying policy has as its purpose to create a school that is a place where we love and care for one another and where we are responsible for our actions and accept the consequences. Every student and every staff member has the right to feel safe within our learning and working environment. In keeping with our Catholic Ethos, we state that any form of bulling will not be condoned or supported.

​To download a copy of our Anti-Bullying Program:St Francis Xavier Anti-Bullying Guidelines  2016.pdfSt Francis Xavier Anti-Bullying Guidelines 2016