There is an effective and committed staff at St Francis Xavier School who strive to provide equality and excellence in education for all the students.
The leadership team includes: Kellie Jacobsen, Principal; Jennifer Hurd Assistant to the Principal Administration, David Cudicio, Assistant to the Principal Religious Education and Olivia Flores, Primary Learning Leader.
There are 21 classroom teachers:
Year 6Marie Parker, Michael Ainscough 
​Year 5/6
​Rob Amadee
​Year 5Roseley Bayliss, Joanne McIntyre​
​Year 4Eseta Fuli, Danielle Settle, Michael Mellifont 
​Year 3​Daveena Borowski, Tracey Thompson, Damian Smart
​Year 2Melinda Britten, Sarah Bopf/Lauren Petty, Amada Williamson
​Year 1
Jasmine O'Toole, Shelbie Damico, Monique Burns
​PrepJeannie Sadler, Brianna Corybn, Jaquie Christie
These teachers are supported by:
​Support Teacher Inclusive EducationKaylene Forrester, Deborah Butler
Explict Improvement teacher (literacy)
​Joanna Sherlock
​Pastoral Care Worker​Sr Jucilina De Lourdes Pereira 
​Student Welfare Worker
Elisher Campbell
Guidance Counsellor​​Rebecca Thompson
​​Speech PathologistKathryn Walker
Literacy Support-  ​English as a Second Language
​Debra Morrow
​Italian Teacher​Sueli Dashwood
The Arts teacher
Susan Vassella; Cathleen Goodreid
​Physical Education teacherJames Seguna
​Teacher Librarians​Louise Brooks, Mary-Clare Cavanagh
The classroom teachers are assisted by school officers

Joan Cansdale, Anthea Welter, Blanche Campbell, Julie Blackburn, Rose Baxter, Nelly Mpofu​, Natalie Wright, Wendy Piasecki and Elisher Campbell. Prep School Officers are Eliza Woodruffe​, Fiona Greenall and Aurora Phipps- Ellis. Library Aide is Mrs Debbie Kenny. Network First are our IT technicians.

Front Office Staff: Monica Hayes and Sonya Oudyn​

Finance: Michelle Castelle​
Cleaner at St Francis Xavier School is Shelley Conway.