There is an effective and committed staff at St Francis Xavier School who strive to provide equality and excellence in education for all the students.
The administration team includes: Veronica Lawson, Principal; Carolyn Hayes Assistant to the Principal Administration, Clare Hogan, Assistant to the Principal, Religious Education and Emilia Michieletto, Primary Learning Leader.
There are 21 classroom teachers:
Year 6Jeremy Grear, Amery Sutton, Marie Parker 
​Year 5Rob Amedee, Daveena Borowski, Joanne McIntyre​
​Year 4Kylie Smith, Rachael Young, Michael Mellifont 
​Year 3​Juniene Fenwick, Stephanie LaMotta, Teiah Page
​Year 2Melinda Britten, Sarah Bopf/Anita Rafton, Amada Williamson
​Year 1
Megan Waugh, Tracey  Foxon, Monique Burns
​PrepAlyssa Bradshaw, Caitlin Fanton, Sarah Howard
These teachers are supported by:
​Support Teacher Inclusive EducationNatalie Hoppe​, Kaylene Forrester, Deborah Butler
​Literacy Support teacher​Joanna Sherlock
Primary Learning Leader​Emilia Michieletto
​Pastoral Care Worker​Sr Jucilina De Lourdes Pereira 
​Student Welfare Worker
Elisher Campbell
Guidance Counsellor​​Rebecca Thompson
​​Speech PathologistGemma Davie
​Occupational TherapistPam Borgeaud
 ​English as a Second Language teacher​Debra Morrow
​Italian Teacher​SueLi Dashwood
The Arts teacher
Susan Vassella; Cathleen Goodreid
​Physical Education teacherTaylor Muskwa-Hudspith
​Teacher Librarians​Louise Brooks, Renee Mason
The classroom teachers are assisted by school officers

Joan Cansdale, Carmel Thomas, Anthea Welter, Blanche Campbell, Julie Blackburn, Rose Baxter and Elisher Campbell. Prep School Officers are Carolyn Solomon, Fiona Greenall and Kerry Bostock. Library Aide is Mrs Debbie Kenny. Network First are our IT technicians.

Monica Hayes,  Maria Peters and Sonya Oudyn​
Cleaner at St Francis Xavier School is Shelley Conway.