Welcome from the APRE

​I would like to personally welcome you to St Francis Xavier School. The care and concern of our students, families and staff is an integral part of the culture of our school. You will soon come to know what a wonderful sense of community there is here at St Francis Xavier. Our motto 'kids who care' is seen daily in classrooms and in the playground.

St Francis Xavier once said, 'Be great in little things.' Our senior students wear this quote proudly on their senior shirt. We encourage each student to be the best that they can be in everything they do. All curriculum areas give students to opportunity to achieve success. In my role as Assistant Principal Religious Education (APRE) I oversee the learning and teaching of the Religious Education Program and facilitate the Religious Life of the School.

Through engagement with both dimensions of Religious Education, students are challenged to be cult​ural agents in light of the Gospel; authentic witnesses to the mission of Jesus Christ in the world today.

We fully support the Archdiocese of Brisbane vision, in that we 'aspire to educate and form students who are challenged to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and who are literate in the Catholic and broader Christia​n tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society.'

I look forward to working with you and your family, teaching, challenging and transforming the children who are our future.

Kind regards,​

David Cudicio
Assistant Principal Religious Education

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