Our Staff

There is an effective and committed staff at St Francis Xavier School who strive to provide equality and excellence in education for all the students.

School Leadership Team:

​Kellie Jacobsen

​Jennifer Hurd
Assistant to the Principal, 


​David Cudicio
Assistant to the Principal,
​​Religious Education
​Caitlyn Swalwell
Primary Learning Leader (Acting)

​Classroom Teachers:

​Year 6​​
​Marie Parker, Mary-Clare Cavanagh, Eunice Kamau
​Year 5
​Rose Bayliss, Ashleigh Maas, Michael Mellifont
​Year 4
​Eseta Fuli, Celeste den Otter, Lilly Daly
​Year 3
​Daveena Borowski, Michael Worthington, Jade Hughes
​Year 2
​Melinda Britten, Nate Ellis, Vivianne Limbo
​Year 1
​Monique Burns, Emma Downer, Belinda Haines
​Brianna Corbyn, Zoe Jeffrey, Nikki Bishop

​These teachers are supported by:

​Support ​Tea​cher Inclusive Education P-2
​Naomi Taylor
​Support Teacher P-2
​Joanna Sherlock and Amada Bidgood
​Support Teacher Inclusive Education 3-6
​Deborah Butler
​Support Teacher 3-4
​Debra Morrow
​Support Teacher 5-6
​Kaylene Forrester
​Literacy Support - English as a Second Language
​Debra Morrow
​Student Welfare Worker
​Elisher Campbell
​Guidance Counsellor​
​Sheldon Patterson
​Speech Pathologist 
​Kathryn Walker
​Italian Teacher
​Sueli Dashwood
​The Arts Teacher
​Bonita van der Walt
​Physical Education Teacher
​James Seguna
​Teacher Librarian
​Daniel Richards

Front Office Staff

​Administrative​ Assistant
​Blanche Campbell
​School Secretary
​Lisa Williamson
​Enrolment Officer
​Sonya Oudyn
​​Michelle Castell