Catholic Identity

SFX240320-1280.jpgSt Francis Xavier School is a community that values our Catholic faith and identity.

We warmly welcome all who seek to share and celebrate our Catholic Christian heritage (parent, students, and staff), to ensure they feel welcome and respected in their own faith journeys both through participation in our religion classes and celebrations and in opportunities to expand their knowledge of and commitment to their own faith traditions.

Teachers and those responsible for leadership in Religious Education in the ​school constantly seek to respond to the reality of students' lives by incorporating flexibility in Religious Education classes to ensure that an inclusive and ecumenical spirit pervades all Religious Education and prayer celebrations. 

Each year level cohort of teachers, engage in collaborative planning to develop a year level plan that responds to the reality of our students and families and their diverse needs.

Planning occurs every five weeks, where teachers work with the APRE to reflect upon the current teaching of religion taking place and where they are moving to in their next cycle of learning. 


Enhancing Catholic School Identity Project

St Francis Xavier participated in a Catholic Identity project where the purpose was to look for Catholic identity strengths in our school, and identity ways to improve Catholic identity in our school. The project report is now used to set goals in annual goal setting processes and will continue to inform activities to strengthen the Catholic identity at the school. The goal is to ensure we are enhancing and living our faith in action while being inclusive of all faiths. 

For further information about the project or the report or to read the summary of recommendations, please contact the Assistant Principal Religious Education. 

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