Learning and Teaching at St Francis Xavier

​Learning and teaching at St Francis Xavier is based on maximising learning within a quality teaching and learning environment.  Teachers and staff recognise the individuality of each student and place student learning at the forefront of their teaching. They​​ seek to achieve the Goals for Education as outlined in the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for young Australians.


Goal​​ 1


Australian​ schooling promotes equity and excellence


Go​​​​al 2


All you​ng Australians become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens


At St Francis our curr​iculum processes include planning across and within year levels incorporating a team approach that involves key external stakeholders. The following documents are used to plan the learning for each year level.


  1. Religious Education Archdiocese of Brisbane developed by Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE)


  3. Australian Curriculum developed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)


The Australian Curriculum set out the concepts, content, learnings expected and skills that all young people should learn and the learning expected as they progress through schooling specified by the Year Level Achievement Standard. Teachers reference assessment against these standards and formally inform parents on their student’s progress in a twice yearly written report. Assessment for, of and as learning, occurs throughout the year both informally and formally alongside these achievement standards.


Reporting to parents at St Francis occurs in a number of ways:


  1. Portfolios/samples of student’s work


  3. Parent, student and teacher interviews


  5. Class newsletters detailing learning experiences


  7. Parent information nights


  9. Report card – twice a year (end of semester 1 and end of semester 2)


At St Francis, we use Consistency of Teacher judgement processes for developing the curriculum and these include:


  1. Collaborative planning with Year Level teachers and Primary Learning Leader


  3. Further dialogue and support  with  the Support Teacher Inclusive Education, ESL teacher and specialist teachers


  5. Year Level planning and preparation time


  7. Individual planning


  9. Intra and interschool moderation


The school’s learning and teaching is based on the Model of Pedagogy of Brisbane Catholic Education which brings together principles and practices that lead to success for all students.


The Learning Areas covered here at St Francis Xavier are:


  • Religious Educatio​​n

  • Mathematic​s

  • English

  • HASS

  • Science

  • The Arts

  • Technologies

  • Health and Physical Education