School Procedures

Accidents / illness​

In the case of a child becoming ill at school or being involved in an accident, the necessary first aid will be administered and every effort will be made to contact the parents. If parents cannot be contacted and the illness or accident warrants immediate attention, the ambulance will be called. Please ensure contact details and other information are kept up to date. Change of Details forms are available at the school office.

Arriving late / leaving early

The tone of the school day is set in the first 10 minutes of the day. Children are prepared for any changes to routines. The last 10 minutes of the day is also very important.Children are reminded about homework and what is needed for the following day. Children are disadvantaged if they are repeatedly late or collected early each day.

However, in the event that your child arrives after the second bell or leaves before the last bell the following rules apply:

  • If your child arrives at school after the second bell goes at 8.35am, he/she must go to the office, accompanied by a parent and use the Alle Receipting System. This system prints a receipt which is then handed to the teacher
  • If parents are collecting students before 2.55pm they sign them out at the office using the Alle Receipting System. Parents are asked to advise the class teacher in writing if they are collecting their children early.

Book lists

At the end of each school year parents will be able to order their child’s requirements for the following year on line. Parents are to provide the books and materials their child will need.  Parents are able to utilise the home delivery service (mid January).

Bus transposrt

Three buses collect students from the school. One travels to Redbank Plains via Goodna, one to Camira and one to Redbank Plains via Bellbird Park. A teacher supervises these students until they board their bus.  Timetables are available by ringing Westside Bus Company on 3288 1333.

Children leaving the school during school hours

The class teacher would appreciate a note. Parents are asked to call at the Office and sign their children out. Persons collecting children on parents’ behalf must have identification and authorisation.​

Class allocation

When children are enrolled in the school the Principal allocates them to a particular class. At the end of each year the class teacher reviews with the Principal the progress of all the students in the class and gives a report of the class as a whole. The specialist teachers also report regarding students in their groups. Having this information, the Principal prepares the classes for each year level and then allocates the teacher.

Dropping off and picking up children


There are 19 parking bays in the front of the school opposite the Taxi Rank, one of which is a handicapped parking bay. There are more parking bays in front of the Police Station and across the street. Children waiting for parents to park are supervised in the pick up area until 3.15 pm. Please do not enter the school grounds for parking purposes. Parking within the grounds is for parish and school staff members.

​​Drive Through Zone   

There is a two-minute drive through zone for parents who do not wish to leave their car. This loading zone is for dropping children off and picking them up. It is a 2 minute Council regulated zone from 8am to 9am and 2.30pm and 3.30pm. The first four cars p​​ick up children and then move on. If a child is not waiting, parents drive on and park in the correct parking area.

After School

  • Children sit on the paved area adjacent to the drive through zone area

  • Children waiting for buses are supervised.

  • If parents are detained, please arrange for children to go to Xavier Outside School Hours Care [3818 2715].

  • Parents arriving before 2.55pm wait for children in year one/two and three/four eating areas. Please note that if parents arrive earlier than 2.45pm, parents must sign in and out as visitors at the school office. 

Pedestrian Crossing

There is a supervised crossing for parents​​ and students in Queen and Church Streets. Children walking are to cross Church Street & Queen Street at the supervised crossing. 

Alterations To Arrangements

​​If the normal travel arrangements to and from school for children are changed please notify the school office.

Medication at school

No medications - prescription or otherwise - are administered by the school except in certain circumstances where it is necessary for a student to take medicine on a medical practitioner's orders during school hours. Parents are requested to authorise and to have a medical practitioner complete the relevant STUDENT MEDICATION REQUEST FORM available at the school office. All medication supplied to the school must be in the original container labelled by a pharmacist, showing the name of the drug, the “use by” date, the name of the student’s medical practitioner, the name of the student, the dosage and the frequency of medication. Children may not have any medication in their possession.

Parents at school

Parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in the school. Ways in which parents volunteer their services are many and varied e.g. reading and writing tutors in the classroom; support people on school camps and excursions; the smooth running of Sports Day;tuckshop volunteers; marshals at the interschool swimming carnivals; interschool sports (netball, soccer, basketball and softball). Parent helpers must sign the visitors book in the school office.

Parent communication with the school

Telephone, fax, e-mail, parent portal or written messages are accepted from parents when children are absent from school. It is important that the school is notified if your child is absent as this ensures that both parents and school know the whereabouts of children in an emergency.

Parent meetings

An information evening is held by the class teachers early each year to discuss the class program with parents. Other Parent/Teacher meetings are organised by appointment at the end of the Semesters.

Parking around the school and loading zone

Parents are asked to observe the road rules for the safety of all students. Please consult the yellow information form for detailed information.

Resource centre (library) borrowing

Our students are encouraged to be responsible borrowers. Students in Prep to Year 3 need a Library bag with a plastic bag inside to protect their books. Bags may be purchased from the Library. Parents are advised to reinforce the school's teaching on caring for books, as lost or damaged books must be paid for.

We invite parents to register as borrowers. They may borrow extra reading books to read with their children or take advantage of the small but growing collection of books in the Parent Library, which covers such subjects as child and adolescent development, parenting skills,craft and cooking. The Library also welcomes parents to help with shelving and covering of books.

School hours

It is the parents’ responsibility to see that their children are cared for before 8:10 am and after 3.15pm.  At 3.15pm we will contact you to determine how your child is to go home. There are a number of extra-curricular activities that students can participate in before and after school. These range from sporting activities such as cross country training to arts and music programs. Supervision for play before school begins at 8:10 am, Preps and Year One students play in the McAuley Centre (hall) and the Year 2 to Year 6 students play on the oval. 

Smoke free environment

A smoke free policy applies to all persons on the school premises and includes visitors, students and employees of other organisations.

Treasures from home

Toys or jewellery often get lost or broken when brought to school, so it saves much anxiety if these items are left at home.​